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June 19-23



  • Will I have to wear a life jacket?
    In accordinance with Oklahoma Law, every student under 13 must wear a life jacket at all times while on a boat. EVERY student, regardless of age, MUST wear a life jacket while swimming or participating in any watersport activities.
  • What are the lodging accommodations?
    Female students will be staying in a 3,000 sqft. lakefront home with female sponsors. Male students will be staying approximately 3 miles away in lakeview cabins with male sponsors.
  • Who will be driving the boats?
    Experienced boat drivers will be joining us for the entire week for the sole purpose of driving boats. Students and adult leaders will NOT be operating a watercraft.
  • Where will evening services be held?
    Community Culture Church in Eufaula, Oklahoma will be hosting us for our evening worship services. More details on the church can be found at
  • Do I need to know how to swim in order to attend Summerland?
    No. The ability to swim is not necessary for you to attend. Please note, if you are unable to swim you MUST wear a life jacket at ALL times while on the boat.

If you have any questions about summerland please click the button below to email us and We would be more than happy to address any and all questions.

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